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High Density Polyethylene

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The Azote brand products comprise a range of cross linked, closed cell foams, physically blown using pure nitrogen gas, and sold under the trade marks Plastazote®, Evazote®, Propozote® and Supazote®. All grades are thermoformable, though the degree of detail and complexity of moulding possible will vary between grades.
The Azote brand products are manufactured and sold as essentially rectangular sheets (sometimes known as buns or blocks) in a range of sizes, all having process skin surfaces. Talc residues or other processing aids may be present on the skin surfaces.

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Min. Sheet Density

Max. Sheet Density

Min. Cell Size

Max. Cell Size

HD30 Plastazote Foam 30 kg/m³ 24 kg/m³ 35 kg/m³ 0.25 mm 0.7 mm
HD60 Plastazote Foam 60 kg/m³ 45 kg/m³ 66 kg/m³ 0.4 mm 0.85 mm
HD80 Plastazote Foam 80 kg/m³ 61 kg/m³ 91 kg/m³ 0.4 mm 0.85 mm
HD110 Plastazote Foam 110 kg/m³ 89 kg/m³ 137 kg/m³ 0.7 mm 1.6 mm
HD115 Plastazote Foam 115 kg/m³ 95 kg/m³ 131 kg/m³ 0.7 mm 1.6 mm
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 

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